Halliburton Energy Services, Inc./Transocean Punitive Damages & Assigned Claims Settlements

Class Member Rights and Options

DO NOTHING Individuals/Entities who previously filed an eligible DHEPDS claim: Your previous claim will be transferred. Eligible DHEPDS claimants will automatically be considered for a payment from the HESI/Transocean Settlements. You will be bound by the claim you filed in the DHEPDS. Do not file a new claim.
FILE A CLAIM – NEW CLASS (NOT A DHEPDS CLASS MEMBER) DHEPDS Excluded Parties and Opt Outs: File a claim to request a payment only if you were not part of the Old Class. This would apply if you are part of a previously excluded group listed in the Notice or if you validly exercised your option to Opt Out of the DHEPDS. Individuals and entities whose claim(s) fell outside the DHEPDS Damage Categories may also be eligible to file a New Class claim. You must meet the eligibility requirements listed in Question 11.
ASK TO BE EXCLUDED If you are part of the New Class, you may choose to get no benefits from the HESI/Transocean Settlements for the New Class. Requesting exclusion from the New Class would allow you to file or continue your own lawsuit against HESI and Transocean about the legal claims involved in these Settlements. But please see Question 34.
OBJECT Write to the Court about why you do not like the HESI/Transocean Settlements.
GO TO A FAIRNESS HEARING Ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the HESI/Transocean Settlements.

You may review or download the Long Form Notice here; the Long Form Notice contains greater detail than the mailed and emailed Short Form Notice you may have received.

Alternatively, you may review or download the HESI and Transocean Settlement Agreements, which are available here.